Type: Tire Machine Tire Machine Type: Tire Recycling Machine Raw material: rubber/plastic/tyre
Safety: auto alarm system By product: carbon black ,steel wire Warranty period: 1 year
Certificates: ISO9001/14001&CE Mode of cooling: water cooling quality test: X-ray test
Material of reactor: Q245R Thickness of reactor: 12/14/16mm Capacity: 12 tons

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Detail: frame container or according to your requirements
  • Delivery Detail: 30 days after receiving deposit
  • Terms of contract: FOB

  • High oil out-put yield
  • Energy saving and long using
  • Reliable after service
  • 1.1 High automatical scrap rubber pyrolysis machine

    RUB2000 have three links:

    1- The first link is making the crude oil.

    2- The second link is making the diesel through the fractionation.

    3- The last link is the color and odder removal. through these three links, you can get good quality oil.


    1-Auto feeder 4-Chemical Chamber 7-Oil-Water Separator 10 –Condenser 13- buffer tank
    2-Reactor 5-cooling Pipe 8-Dust Removing 11-Oil tank 14- Chimney
    3-Fire channel 6- Water Jet Flue 9- Oil Tank 12- Anti Back Fire Device 15-Negative Pressure Device


    The module RUB2000 is able include the module of cogeneration energy up to 0.8 mw.

    2 generator of 300 Kw, we can design the structure for work with boiler system and vapor generator, this will have a additional cost and it will depend of the requirement of the client.



    2.1 Security: our equipments have anti-blocking device and have pressure gauges,alarms,safety valves and vacuum machine.

    2.2 energy conservation: recycling of exaust gas and science fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.

    2.3) Long life: hot-blast stove is long life, but not energy-saving, it’s consumption of energy is much greater than the repair costs of furnace. direct fired reactor is energy saving but short life. it is a contradiction. we resolved this conflict by thickening steel plate reactor of fire approach part which oxidized extremely, so we generally use the 14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm thickness of steel plate,or12mm stainless steel plate, other slow oxidation parts use 12mm thickness plate(20G),not not only energy, but long life.

    2.4 High degree of automation: the adance device,with a small forklift,conveyor and automatic feeder.

    2.5 Guarantee with after sales service:we has Christian background,love is the heart of our culture.selling devices not for selling only,but to help you approach to success.quality and service is our commitment and responsibility.your success is our aim.we have a good reputation in the industry.

    2.6 Low cost:all costs are low because of being located at the suburbs.advanced and complete processing equipments,almost no external processing and customer interests oriented business philosoghy,it stands to reason that the price is low.

    CRUDE OIL 45%-50%
    CARBON BLACK 25%-30%
    STEEL WIRE 10%-15%
    GAS 5%
    Usage of final products
    Product Usage
    Fuel Oil Widely used as fuel in the industry,such as steel & iron factory, ceramics , chemical industry, hotel,restaurant etc.
    Carbon Black Used for construction brick or absorbing heavy metal to improving the soil,or as fuel.
    Steel Wire Sold or reprocessing.
    Combustible Gas Can be recycled and used during the process as fuel and generated electric energy


    The RUB2000 works with the technology of pyrolysis under policrack system, the module RUB 2000 heat the material until the chemical transformation occurs by the process of converting it to high temperature in pyrolysis gas. It occurs when this process releases petroleum and hydrogen gas.

    The resulting gas is passed over a catalyst system, which decomposes the gas molecules to form hydrocarbon and gas oil, which when cooled oil becomes fluid. Our System metal bands transformed into recyclable material for industrial whether as a solid material (coak) of industrial use....

    Our module RUB 2000 integrate to our generator modules can produce up to 0.6 Mw


    Style Feeding Time (hours) Processing Time (hours) Cooling Time (hours) Slag Outlet Time (hours)
    RUB2000-A 2 8; 2 2
    RUB2000-B 2 10 2-3 2-3
    RUB2000-AB 2 2 13 3 2


    1 Equipment Type RUB-2000-A RUB-2000-B RUB2000AB
    2 Raw Material tires/plastic tires/plastic tires/plastic
    3 24-hour Capacity 6ton 8ton 12ton
    4 Oil Yield 2.7 ton 3.6 ton 4.5 ton
    5 Operating Pressure Normal Normal Normal
    6 Material of Reactor Q245R Q245R Q245R
    7 Thickness of Reactor 14mm 14mm 14mm
    8 Rotate Speed of Reactor 0.4 turn/minute 0.4 turn/minute 0.4 turn/minute
    9 Total Power 17KW 17KW 17KW
    10 Mode of Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling/td> Water Cooling
    11 Cooling Area of Condenser 40sql 40sql 40sql
    12 The Number of Condenser 3 3 3
    13 Transmission Type Internal Gear Drive Internal Gear Drive Internal Gear Drive
    14 Noise dB ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
    15 Working Form Intermittent Operation Intermittent Operation Intermittent Operation
    16 Delivery Time 20days 20days 20days
    17 Service Life 10-15 years 10-15 years 10-15 years
    18 Weight 30 35 40


    Module "RUB" is equipped with modern means of automation and control (see Figure ) From the set of electrical equipment and control system.

  • Technical documents

  • The module is mounted frequency converters in electric drives, allowing to finely regulate the process of rubber material supply.

    Data from all of the actuators and sensors are fed to a central console or control point RUB2000, if the screening plant is not working in the RUB2000.

    Provided for emergency stop and manual control units. All the main production processes are automated and equipped with metering and control of incoming raw materials - by weight, moisture and leaving temperature.


    No Name Number
    1 RUB 2000 1
    2 The act of acceptance tests 1
    3 Warranty 1
    4 Passport 1
    5 Manual 1
    6 Certificate Gost R 1
    7 Certificate of industrial safety 1
    8 Permission tu use 1

    All labels on machines and lay-out drawings, Electrical diagram, User Manual, will be in English. BIOREKC should send all necessary files to the buyer since the third week since project execution. All documents in hard copies should be also shipped with machines together

  • Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work

  • a. After all machines are delivered to customer’s factory; Buyer is responsible for all preparation work, e.g. electricity supply, water supply, labors and cranes, etc. b. BIOREKCwill prepare for visa application for their engineers, who are responsible for guide of machine installation and testing at the Buyer’s factory. c. The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible for bearing expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD100 per day for each engineer. d. Engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer’s factory.

  • After-sell & long-term service

  • BIOREKC provides one-year quality guarantee. During this period, if the machine’s malfunction is approved to be our responsibility, we will send the broken spare parts to you with DHL courier within 7 workdays after receiving the complainant. And send the technicians to the buyer’s factory for maintaining. All charges are in our account. BIOREKC will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide. And BIOREKC will provide technical consultation service on long-term basis.


    not The present technical and commercial proposal is not a public offer or obligation to conclude a contract , and is intended to familiarize the customer with the main technical characteristics of the equipment
    not Technical and other specifications contained in this technical and commercial offers are subject to change without notice , as OOO " BioREKS " is constantly working on improving the design .
    noy Module " MSort -8000 " is not intended for use in areas of application where its failure and inability intended use can cause injury or death , and may also lead to natural and man-caused disaster.
    noy All information contained in this technical and commercial proposals is related to certain operating conditions and is presented as an example . Parameters and characteristics of the products obtained in other operating environments may vary from the values ​​listed above .
    noy Under no circumstances LLC " BioREKS " is not liable for damages , including damage to third parties , which appeared as a result of direct or indirect use of this information.