lek 4000 / pme 6000 hai


Local Energy Complex.


Utilization of a household waste, fir-tree precipitation of the sewage, the fulfilled car tires, waste of a woodworking, oil refining, agricultural and medical waste – a big problem.

Methods of recycling applied still – burial and burning – showed the frailty and gave a number of the countries on a side of an ecological disaster.

At the same time, solving property of the specified materials – the content of carbon – the main source of energy of a modern civilization, - unequivocally defines an acceptable way of their processing.

For the last 20 years, in parallel with a rise in prices for fossil hydrocarbons, prompt development the technology of the gasification, allowing to make from a waste received synthetic or generating gas – a mix WITH and Н2 – alternative of natural gas, fuel oil and coal in steam coppers, diesel fuel in a diesel engine generators, universal raw materials for production of products of organic chemistry.



The BIOREKS™ technology represents idea of the weighed interaction with the nature when recycling and developing minerals, and also a way of association of several productions to the highly effective technological line in cycle completely without waste, according to the most strict requirements of the nature protection legislation – the Local power complex (LEK). Applied unique technical solutions allowed to create the technological line with the zero emission, processing the wide list of materials. Independent, modular installations don't demand connection to engineering networks. The modularity of installation allows to change consumer properties of a product at will of the customer at the moment of its acquisition and to increase, or to change its possibilities in use. The design of LEK provides a triple guarantee of uninterrupted operation of work of the Complex: a daily stock of fuel, duplication of the main units with possibility of alternate shutdown for prevention and the equipment of a gas-holder or an account receiver for storage of reserve fuel it is optional.

  • Completely independent modules demand only a timely supply of raw materials, work at own energy balance and don't demand external connections.
  • The modular design allows to increase capacity of complexes in compliance with growing requirements and it is easy to transport the equipment to new place of production.
  • LEK are the ideal decision for the organization of system of the distributed power supply of inhabited residential districts, processing a municipal waste and a fir-tree precipitation of sewage, and providing all necessary energy carriers locally for needs of the area.
  • The equipment choice for heat utilization when burning gas isn't limited to a steam or water copper, use of gas turbines and a diesel engine - generating installations is also possible.
  • The offered scheme of processing is easier entered in available industrial infrastructure, for example, gas can move in an available fire chamber for complete or partial replacement of nowadays used fuel.
  • High power efficiency of conversion. One kg of raw materials gives 1 kW of electric and 2 kW of thermal energy.
  • Absence of harmful emissions in the atmosphere.
  • The simplified requirements to structure and raw materials preparation. LEK can process a waste in a mix. On the instructions of the Customer the knot of reception of a medical waste is provided.

  • 2.1. Description of technological process


    Last drawing shows the scheme of configuration of module LEK-4000-2,7 in capacity 2,7 МWe and 5,4 MWt, processing about 5,5 tons of an unassorted waste at an o'clock or 45 000 tons per year. If complex work on previously sorted MSW, the line of sorting isn't provided. At will of the Customer, the module of reception and processing of large-sized garbage, automobile tires or a medical waste is in addition provided. The dump truck garbage truck calls in on the weight platform located in front of the reception hatch. The system automatically makes weighing. A municipal waste from a dump truck garbage truck is unloaded in the reception bunker of the sorting line (1). The height of the reception bunker is regulated by the operator of the Complex depending on car brand. After raw materials loading the bunker is closed, submitting raw materials on the conveyor of semi-automatic sorting (1). The conveyor is equipped with systems of a breaking of packages and a garbage tedding. The line of sorting is equipped with six posts of manual sorting and magnetic separators. When sorting nonflammable materials are selected: stone, ceramics, glass, non-ferrous and ferrous metals.


    Fig. 1. Schematic diagram LEK-4000-2,7 on processing of a municipal waste and development of electric and thermal energy

    According to average morphological structure of a firm household waste the maintenance of nonflammable components in initial MSW makes about 13 %, of them: ferrous metals – 4 %; non-ferrous metals – 0,7 %; glass – 7 %; stones, ceramics – 1,5 %. Nonflammable fractions contains from 10 to 15 %, for further processing 85-90 % of a combustible waste arrive. The sorted materials arrive in accumulative bunkers, are pressed and go on sale. The design of the line of sorting provided all requirements for safety of work and implementation of sanitary standards. The sorted combustible waste arrives in Schröder for crushing on a class-15±30 mm. Further, a waste on the tape conveyor gets to the block of drying of the raw materials (2), representing one or several drum-type dryers. The number of dryers depends on quantity and humidity of an initial waste. The being formed filtrate goes on neutralization to the module of water purification (6). After humidity fall to 10-15 % a waste gets to the bunker of ready raw materials (3), volume 70 m3 which is a daily stock of raw materials. In the bunker (3) a waste gradually moves to the conveyor on which the weight arrives in the reactor of thermochemical conversion (4) for production of combustible gas. From reactors the steam-gas mix consistently arrives: In the module of purification of gas (5) where it is cleared of heavy particles, impurity of steam, particles of ashes and oils. The impurity selected from gas gather and come back to the bunker of ready raw materials. Further the cleared gas arrives in the module of cooling of gas (7) where it is cooled from 150оС to 30-40os. Then the cooled and cleared gas arrives in a diesel engine generators (8) for electricity generation. Exhaust gases a diesel engine generator with temperature 600оС gather and go on the heatexchange device for heat allocation. The ashes which is forming in the course of thermochemical conversion, are taken from the reactor automatically at temperature 100-120os and arrive in the bunker of storage of the cindery rest. The cindery rest has now the weight only 10 % from initial MSW. Further the rest can be directed on the range for burial, or on utilization in the module of utilization of the cindery rest developed by our company – for allocation from composition of ashes of oxides of heavy metals. The complex is equipped with an automated control system and is under continuous control of the operator.


    2.2. Main technical characteristics of module LEK-4000-2,7

    Description Feature
    Name LEK-4000-2,7
    Productivity 2400 kg/h, 57,6 t/d (24 h), 19 200 t/y (8000 h)
    Raw materials Carbonaceous feedstock, including waste
    Quantity of raw materials on own power supply 10%
    Humidity of raw materials Up to 15%
    Raw materials ash-content Up to 40%
    Work number of hours in a year 8000 h/y
    Productivity on synthetic gas 5400 nm3/h
    Gas temperature on an exit from a gazifikator 100-150 ºС
    Gas temperature after cleaning and cooling 40-30 ºС
    Capacity electric 2,7 MW
    Capacity thermal cogeneration 5,4 MW
    Power consumption 200 KWe
    Water consumption 40 tons one time
    The occupied space 2500 sq.m it is taken away under reactor system, gas storage, generators, a dispatching office 1500 sq.m it is taken away under preparation, raw materials storage, system of purification of turnaround water 4000 sq. m
    Dimensions L x W 100 x 40
    Infrastructure Giving of raw materials and production shipment
    Gross weight 100 t
    Sanitary zone the complex is rather safe, can settle down both in city line, and in the suburb 500 m
    Emissions within norms

    2.3. Specification LEK-4000-2.7 (without system of preparation of raw materials)

    No Description Size Functions
    1 Belt conveyer L:21000mm convey the material to the gasifier furnace
    2 Gasifier furnace MTK 2000-2. ¢2800*H1000mm the raw material is gasified in a controlled environment to produce gas and charcoal
    3 Automatically ash delivery system deliver the ash/charcoal to collection pit
    4 Cyclone dust remove system ¢1000*H3800mm remove the ash from the gas
    5 Water seal dust remove system 2000*1000*3800mm cooling, remove the ash of the gas
    6 No.1 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar from the gas
    7 No.2 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar from the gas
    8 Oil-water separator 2000*1000*3800mm heat exchanger, and oil-water separation
    9 No.3 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar from the gas
    10 Gas cleaner ¢1000*H3800mm purify gas
    11 Vacuum pump creates gas suction through gasifier and cleaning system and supplys pressure to gas bag
    12 Water seal ¢1000*H3800mm hydraulic seal type arrester for gas storage bag
    13 Oil-water separator 2000*1000*3800mm separates oil and water
    14 Soft-type gas bag storage of the biogas
    15 Purifier ¢1000*H2800mm purify the oil and water from the biogas
    16 Gas distributor ¢1000*L1500mm distributing gas and output
    17 Cooling tower cools the gasifier cooling water for recycle back to gasifier
    18 Sewage treatment cleans gas cleaning water for recycle
    19 Generator 6400*1600*2900mm makes electricity

    2.4. Requirements to raw materials

    Correctly prepared raw materials for gasification very important - for receiving gas, for control of its quality, high efficiency of process and simple service of a gasificator with system of purification of gas. The size of raw materials can differ depending on biomass type, but moisture content should be no more than 15 %. In addition to a gasificator it can be demanded:

  • Grinder of big pieces of raw materials
  • The dryer in case of use of damp raw materials
  • The mixer in case of use of several types of raw materials and/or a waste
  • The technology of BIOREKS allows to carry out the minimum sorting of a household waste and to refuse idea of separate collecting garbage. Features of a design of the reactor allow to submit on gasification of a particle of raw materials in thickness to 10 mm and long to 200 mm.

    Reactors of a design of BIOREKS allow to process at the same time some types of raw materials in a mix that positively affects power balance of installation. The complex on gasification of a biomass can overwork: A household waste of technogenic character (made by the person), a waste of a various origin (industrial, agricultural, municipal, etc.) including the firm household waste previously sorted from large metal and mineral inclusions, 10 mm crushed to fraction, Fossil natural raw materials of an organic origin, such as coals, peat, combustible slates, etc., not fossil natural raw materials of an organic origin (biomass), such as wood, manure, dung, etc.

    2.5. Module of reception and MSW sorting

    The module of sorting of MSW is intended for regions with the settled way of collecting a waste. The module of sorting represents the semi-automatic line in dimensions of the 12th sea container.

    The module consists from

  • Frame
  • Block of loading of raw materials
  • Block of unloading of raw materials
  • Conveyor
  • Device of disinfecting of air
  • Device of reception of sewage
  • Device of production of the activated steam
  • Line of manual sorting
  • Magnetic separator
  • Grinder
  • Containers for salvage
  • Industrial Control system

  • Note: For more information search in our site module SORT 8000 on equipments

    2.6. Reactor of thermochemical conversion BIOREKS ™

    The technology of thermochemical conversion of carbon raw materials BIOREKS™ takes leading positions in the sphere of processing of a waste and receiving energy carriers at the price of the equipment, to an exit of commodity energy carriers, environmental friendliness.

    Basis of the technological line is the reactor of high-temperature conversion of raw materials with air blasting and the turned selection of gas.

    2.6.1The main structural elements of the reactor:

  • Reactor vessel
  • furnace
  • Ignition device
  • Ash removal device
  • The system input oxidant

  • The reactor is designed to provide a continuous process of gasification (conversion) of raw materials, including municipal solid waste, the generator (synthetic) gas. The reactor vessel is designed as a sealed container, lined the entire inner surface of the ceramic heat-resistant concrete.

    Gasdynamic combustion chamber is equipped at the bottom of the reactor is equipped. Start is made by burning device that heats the working zone of the reactor to 500-600 ° C, followed by a flow of raw materials and an oxidant (air). The device of arson intended to provide start-up heating the retort of the reactor to a temperature of spontaneous combustion of raw materials, and is a common diesel or gas burner. After reaching the steady process of thermo-chemical reaction, the burner is turned off.

    The reactor is equipped with automatic ash removal system, which makes the hopper bottom ash collection and intermediate cooling.

    Highway oxidizer supply

    Oxidant delivery line is designed to provide air flow in the working area of thermochemical reactions and consists of a high pressure fan.

  • The reactor converts 600 kg of raw material per hour with moisture content up to 15%. By reducing the moisture content of raw performance of the reactor can be up to 800-1000 kg of raw material per hour.
  • The module includes a set of four reactors with total capacity of 2400 kg / h of prepared raw materials, which produce 5400 Nm3 / h of fuel gas per hour with a calorie Kkal/nm3 2300-2500.
  • Synthesis gas produced by the reactors BioREKS ™, suitable for use in diesel-generator, modified to run on gas, as well as combustion or boiler.
  • The elementary composition of the gas:

  • Component Content, %
    CO 18-20
    H2 10-13
    CH4 2-4
    CmHn 0.8
    CO2 13
    O2 1
    N2 46

  • The high efficiency of conversion of carbon - up to 95%, allows to process materials with low content of combustible components - with ash up to 40%.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Due to the low temperature gas sampled and reversed the process of gasification of the formation of oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, chlorine or fluorine is not active and the content of harmful substances is within the norms.
  • Sulfur is present in the gas recovered in the non-volatile forms (H2S, COS), which are easier to swallow than the SO2.
  • The conversion of partial decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic compounds in oxygen-free environment, which gives a smaller number of nitrogen oxides in flue gases.
  • The ash is unloaded from the reactor has a lower temperature to 200 0 C, and contains almost no carbon residue.

  • der

    Reactor in Construction

    The reactor was completely sealed. Supply of raw materials is at the top. Raw material is drying and gasification zone.

    For the supply of heat to the reactor using air blast. The coolant is fed into the work zone with a radial fan lance through the ranks, supporting the autothermal reaction is the conversion of raw materials with a limited amount of oxygen. To maintain the reaction consumes no more than 10% of raw materials.

    Before entering the reactor, heat exchanger and the air is heated to a temperature of 400 ° C, which increases the reaction rate and reduces the formation of dioxins. The main working area of the reactor has an operating temperature of 1300 - 1400oS that allows you to select the carbon with an efficiency of 95% and process certain types of hazardous waste.

    Characteristics of gas emission confirmed the high purity of the environmental process the combustion of solid waste: the concentration of dioxins in the flue gases without cleaning them does not exceed 0.1 ng/m3. The most dangerous mobile forms of heavy metals contained in waste, the thermochemical processing of the fuel in the reactor is converted to fixed metal oxides, turning into ashes.

    2.7. Air supply system

    Air flow is the flow-radial fan. Before entering the reactor the air passes through the heat exchanger is heated to a temperature of 400oC. Prepared air mixture enters the working zone of the reactor through the ranks of lances.

    2.8. Block cleaning and cooling the synthesis gas

    Requirements for clean synthesis gas vary depending on the composition of the feedstock. Before serving, the synthesis gas in a diesel generator, gas is cooled to 150 ° C to 30-40oC. Used for gas cleaning scrubber and the vortex separator unit environments that select couples, oil and soot, and mass-transfer apparatus which cleans the gas from acidic compounds. If you are replacing natural gas, fuel oil or diesel fuel to heat boilers in the synthesis gas is used a simplified gas cleaning. Gas used in hot water or steam boiler burns completely.

    Description Size Functions
    Cyclone dust remove system ¢1000*H3800mm remove the ash from the gas
    Water seal dust remove system 2000*1000*3800mm cooling, remove the ash of the gas
    No.1 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar from the gas
    No.2 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar from the gas
    Oil-water separator 2000*1000*3800mm heat exchanger, and oil-water separation
    No.3 separator ¢1000*H3800mm remove the tar of the gas
    Gas cleaner ¢1000*H3800mm purify gas
    Vacuum pump creates gas suction through gasifier and cleaning system and supplys pressure to gas bag
    Water seal ¢1000*H3800mm hydraulic seal type arrester for gas storage bag
    Oil-water separator 2000*1000*3800mm separates oil and water
    Soft-type gas bag storage of the gas
    Purifier ¢1000*H2800mm purify the oil and water from the gas
    Gas distributor ¢1000*L1500mm distributing gas and output
    Cooling tower cools the gasifier cooling water for recycle back to gasifier
    Sewage treatment cleans gas cleaning water for recycle

    Studies on the presence of dioxins, dibenzofurans, benzopyrene in gases showed that the gasification and combustion of the future produced in the generator gas burner or the combustion engine, the content in the flue gases, even fewer standards adopted in Europe.

    2.9. Module for ash disposal

    The problem of disposal of ash residue of thermal decomposition processes. Ash consists of ash and a mixture of oxides of metals, including heavy. Being unprocessed, bottom ash is a mixture, subject to a complex procedure of burial. On request can be made conceptually developed module. It is located on the frame in the form of the production line on the separation of ash in the ash and metals. Individually, the components of the balance can now be used in the production of both commercial products:

  • Building materials (80-90%)
  • a mixture of metals for refining plants. (20-10%)

  • Module structure:

  • A frame
  • The reception bunker
  • The device of crushing and ashes activation
  • A separator
  • The bunker
  • The automated control system

  • 2.10. Unit of water purification

    A serious problem is the production of clean process water and leachate to the requirements of sanitary norms. When dealing with waste during sorting and drying a large amount of contaminated water - filtrate. The block is a production line for cleaning and decontamination of leachate, it also serves as a clean recycled water from the system of gas purification. We not only supply water purification systems of gas purification systems and the circulated water. The water is cleaned five times per hour.

    Structure of module

    water Cooler Cools the water from the treatment system and the cooling of the gas before it is cleaned
    water Purifier Purifies the water for use

    2.11. Unit of production of electricity

    At development of the electric power the diesel engine generators and steam-engines are applied. Their choice or a combination entirely depends on needs of the customer for energy resources. Base option LEK-4000-2,7 has in structure three power units of type on 900 kW everyone. LEK are completed a diesel engine generators of the production People's Republic of China, modified for work on gas. When translating a diesel engine generators on synthesis gas reduction of engine capacity by 10-15 % and increase in a resource of operation of the unit at 30-40 % is shown. The choice of the generating equipment influences a unit resource, the price and depends on wishes of the customer.

    2.11.1. Engine specification

    Description Unit
    Engine model 8300ZLD/M-1
    Generator model 900 GFM
    Power min 890 KW
    Power max 1000 KW
    Current min 1624 A
    Voltage min 400 V
    Current frequency 60 HZ
    speed 600 Terns/min
    Power factor cosφ 0.8 (Lagging)
    Oil consumption ≤1.0 gramm/KW in hour
    Phase type Three phase four wire
    Voltage control method Automatic control
    excitation method brushless
    start-up procedures Compressed air starter motor
    Size(L x W x H) 6400 x 1600 x 3100mm
    Gross weight 25000 Kg

    equipment settings may differ by availability

    2.11.2. System of cooling of the engine

  • System of cooling of oil of the engine with the heat exchanger
  • Water system of cooling of the engine with the heat exchanger

  • 2.12. Control system and automatic equipment

    All main productions are automated and equipped with metering stations and control of entering raw materials – on weight, humidity and leaving production on volume and temperature. Installation is equipped with GPS system, chambers of video surveillance and the GSM controler. All data are told in real time to the central control panel of dispatching service that allows to supervise the main productions and to operate installation work in the on-line mode. Via the GSM controler, in case of need, data are transferred to the owner of a complex and operators.


    Control panel


    Screen lek

  • Technical documents

  • All labels on machines and lay-out drawings, Electrical diagram, User Manual, will be in English. BIOREKC should send all necessary files to the buyer since the third week since project execution. All documents in hard copies should be also shipped with machines together

  • Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work

  • a. After all machines are delivered to customer’s factory; Buyer is responsible for all preparation work, e.g. electricity supply, water supply, labors and cranes, etc. b. BIOREKCwill prepare for visa application for their engineers, who are responsible for guide of machine installation and testing at the Buyer’s factory. c. The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible for bearing expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD 50000. Engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer’s factory.

  • After-sell & long-term service

  • BIOREKC provides one-year quality guarantee. During this period, if the machine’s malfunction is approved to be our responsibility, we will send the broken spare parts to you with DHL courier within 7 workdays after receiving the complainant. And send the technicians to the buyer’s factory for maintaining. All charges are in our account.

    BIOREKC will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide. And BIOREKC will provide technical consultation service on long-term basis.


    not The present technical and commercial proposal is not a public offer or obligation to conclude a contract , and is intended to familiarize the customer with the main technical characteristics of the equipment
    not Technical and other specifications contained in this technical and commercial offers are subject to change without notice , as OOO " BioREKS " is constantly working on improving the design .
    noy Module " MSort -8000 " is not intended for use in areas of application where its failure and inability intended use can cause injury or death , and may also lead to natural and man-caused disaster.
    noy All information contained in this technical and commercial proposals is related to certain operating conditions and is presented as an example . Parameters and characteristics of the products obtained in other operating environments may vary from the values ​​listed above .
    noy Under no circumstances LLC " BioREKS " is not liable for damages , including damage to third parties , which appeared as a result of direct or indirect use of this information.