1.System magnetic induction heating with electrical power supply by solar energy


The Mini IH-50, a T-home system, is designed to a system heating water up to 50 lts(enoug for a home up to 120 mtr2). This fully automated, is powered by a solar electric sistem, which can be used to feeding a service emergency lighting in cases of failures of the main system.

The IH50, is completely autonomous, and can work at temperatures below -35 ° C in remote areas with difficult to access conventional services

  • (1)Can use magnetic energy remote transmission technology to separate really the electric network voltage and water heater, water heater is only the container of the hot water. no need longer worry about the leakage switch malfunction, and electric leakage “wall call” water ion content exorbitant and failure, no longer worry about the “wall call” pipe rust pollute and strike, no longer afraid of the ground wire open circuit can’t protect you ! In one word, electricity - no longer scary
  • (2) Use frequency technology, improve the electric efficient.
  • (3) Use remote temperature test technology,control the water temperature effectively.
  • (4) High-density thermal insulation layer, to keep the hot water temperature well.
  • (5) Stainless steel inner tank,superadded the magnesium ion convoy alternately, increase the product life.
  • (6) Accommodate wide range voltage work (120V-270V)
  • (7) Use interact double heat source design, achieve 2KW-4KW big power heat, which to assure to get the hot water immediately when you need , and keep long time to meet your need . if you need to know more information , pls contact us in no hesitates.
  • er About heating system :
  • (a)Another charm of БиоРЕКС, a new lifestyle experience, dual-use for heating and bath, enjoy comfort in one step, just like a warm embrace, shows care and warmth, give a real warmth to the whole family.
  • (b)Dual-use for heating and bath,further innovation technology.
  • (c)Easy to install, less space, and safety, energy repeated recycling, no exhaust, a genuine low-carbon environmen.
  • The IH-50 incorporate a system of auto-feed of energy after solar system.

    solar system auto-feed and emergency light service

    characteristics of the solar auto feeding system


    solar system FS-S614

  • 1. Integrated machine
  • 2. MPPT controller
  • 3. 48v100A controller
  • 4. net weight:10.8kg
  • Product size& weight

    Core technology advantages

  • Technical documents

  • All labels on machines and lay-out drawings, Electrical diagram, User Manual, will be in English. BIOREKC should send all necessary files to the buyer since the third week since project execution. All documents in hard copies should be also shipped with machines together

  • Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work

  • a. After all machines are delivered to customer’s factory; Buyer is responsible for all preparation work, e.g. electricity supply, water supply, labors and cranes, etc. b. BIOREKCwill prepare for visa application for their engineers, who are responsible for guide of machine installation and testing at the Buyer’s factory. c. The Buyer will buy the round-trip air ticket for Engineer if visa application is approved. The buyer is also responsible for bearing expenses generated, e.g. visa formalities, meals, accommodation and allowance of USD 50000. Engineer will give free training lessons to labors in buyer’s factory.

  • After-sell & long-term service

  • BIOREKC provides one-year quality guarantee. During this period, if the machine’s malfunction is approved to be our responsibility, we will send the broken spare parts to you with DHL courier within 7 workdays after receiving the complainant. And send the technicians to the buyer’s factory for maintaining. All charges are in our account.

    BIOREKC will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide. And BIOREKC will provide technical consultation service on long-term basis.


    not The present technical and commercial proposal is not a public offer or obligation to conclude a contract , and is intended to familiarize the customer with the main technical characteristics of the equipment
    not Technical and other specifications contained in this technical and commercial offers are subject to change without notice , as OOO " BioREKS " is constantly working on improving the design .
    noy Module " MSort -8000 " is not intended for use in areas of application where its failure and inability intended use can cause injury or death , and may also lead to natural and man-caused disaster.
    noy All information contained in this technical and commercial proposals is related to certain operating conditions and is presented as an example . Parameters and characteristics of the products obtained in other operating environments may vary from the values ​​listed above .
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