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БтоРЕКС Ltd.

Freephone Russia:+7261002635
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Eng. Antonio J. G. Ortiz R.


Administrati Deparment

Rishat Ibramov

CEO Administrative

Legal Deparment

L. Ilias Isaev

Operative Deparment

Max Mozorov<

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IMPORTANT: Our company is no refinery, we are a operations manager to work with the refineries and representatives.

Note: For any information should send your company profile.If you wish a formal quote: before Biorekc send a FCO the Buyer needs to send irrevocable corporate purchase order (ICPO) with bank confirmation letter (top 25 up to 50th world rank) addressed to BIOREKC ltd with the authorize to made the soft probe to the buyer's bank. The end buyer company registration, tax id, and international passport of the signatory of the end buyer's company.
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