On our site you will find basic information about our products, if you are interested in requesting a quote, you must do it through our partners or register as dealership and obtain a special discount for our equipments, for it must fill the registration form, attach a letter where we can verify that your company has the funds required to purchase our units.

If you are accepted, we will assign to you a code and will give a certificated for 2 years, this will be sent via post.

Pleace send e-mail inquiry to: ( counter. Rishat Ibramov), to requesting more information..

Certificated of Dealer БиоРЕКС
"Document for dealear"
  • Contract NCND
  • Representative or Franchisee application Form
  • Access to register.
  • 1) The company must be registered in our database (register at our site)
  • 2) If the company want to work with our products and it is a intermediary, this should meet the dealer registration.
  • 3) We do not send quotes without a detailed explanation of your project(s) , specifying in detail your needs, funding sources, etc.. Please go to menu service, register, and download the relevant documents.
  • 4) If you are interested in becoming as a dealer , when you register in our site, type this observation and you must send a letter to asking the procedures to be registered as a dealer from starting.
  • 5) If you are not interested in registering,we will refer you to a distributor.