our vision

BIOREKC is expanding the research and development programmed for long-term alternative energy of world with this commitment.

The three essential goals of the fleet trial are: The equipment used in the test fleet should be powered with regenerative electricity optained of clean energy. The equipment will use the latest energetic technology. These technology need to be particularly durable and low cost to allow the electric drive to make the breakthrough to mass production.

our mission

Supports the protection of the species in equal measure at all its plants. Accordingly, nature conservation areas and national parks should not be put to economic use.

Our company is focused on the slow but constant self sustainable energy and the commercialization of goods and services that meet those standards, seeking to maintain a cleaner and organic world transition.

commitment to continuous quality

our company always looking for quality, is committed to the rules in force in the Russian federation (GOST) standards as well as ISO 2001 ISO 14001 and European quality standards governing the marketing of our services.
  • GOST

    Quality russian certificate >>
  • ISO 14001

  • CCNE

    Testing,Quality and Environment, CE >>

our team

  • Tony Ortiz

  • Rishat Ibramov

    CEO GENERAL DIRECTOR BIOREKC , specialist in the area of accounting and finance. >>
  • Nikolai Karmazanov

    CEO specialist logistics business>>
  • Ekaterina Karmazanova

    CEO Design and development of new technology. >>
  • ;
  • Ilias Isaev

    Director of the Juristic Department and Legal Security, Moscow >>
  • Max Mozorov

    Shipment Control Specialist Customs and heavy equipment traffic. >>
  • Yuliya Karmazanova

    Public Relations Manager, creativity. >>
  • Olga Nesterova

    Chief Officer in charge of contacts with representatives of refineries>>
  • Rayco Castro Alberto

    BIOREKC chief operating officer United Kingdom >>
  • Aure Alejandro Cruz

    BIOREKC chief operating officer Spain >>
  • Guillermo Renteria A.

    BIOREKC chief operating officer America (Alternatives Energy), CEO COPRIMEXA MEXICO>>