Urea prilled N46 industry, agri grade from (RUSSIA, UKRAINE & CHINE)

The Granular urea ( 46-0-0 )

Urea ( CO ( NH ) 2) is the most used nitrogen source globally.

Lower production costs , fewer environmental problems as well as lower costs of storage and transport in relation to the high content of N ( 46 % ) have resulted in solid lead Urea Nitrogen sources .

Urea is mostly applied in full coverage broadcast in winter cereals, while the use in growing corn is applied in bands.

Two types of urea :
  • a. Granulated Urea having a granule treatment with formaldehyde gives granule hardness and prevents nitrogen losses during storage.
  • b . Prilled urea , pose no such treatment why is a product with more fallout, most non uniform grain size and potential moisture absorption during storage.
  • Once applied to the soil both have the same chemistry and dynamic nitrogen . They differ in quality attributes.

    The most common form of release for Urea is by truck, or boat bag.

    The mode is determined by the client's needs and your geographical location.

  • HS CODE: 3102100001
  • Molecular Formula: CH4N2O
  • Molecular Weight: 60.06
  • Melting point: 132-135C
  • Relative density: 1.35g/cm3)
  • Item Specification
  • Nitrogen≥ 46.6%
  • Biuret≤ 0.9%
  • Moisture≤ 0.5%
  • Size0.85mm-2.8mm 90%min, free follow
  • rt

    Mostly used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, also used as raw material in production of plastics, resins, coating, and medicine.

    It is used as a surface fertilizer, alone or mixed with other fertilizers.

  • it is very effective for crops with long growing seasons.
  • determination on the field is based on the culture and climatic conditions and soil.
  • urea may be used on all soils.
  • it is applied both early spring and during the vegetation.
  • Apply in subsoil and cover when for calcareous and alkaline soils.

    Better to apply together with P K or organic fertilizers.

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